Currently, Fanex offers over 150 recipes for various sauces. The production of each of them is based on natural raw materials and high quality standards.

Fanex sauces are used all over Poland – gastronomy chains, restaurants, bistro bars, hotels, catering companies, gas stations, food trucks and all kinds of convenience store points, and of course households.

The most popular Fanex sauces include: Chili Cheese Sauce, Mexican Sauce, 1000 Islands Sauce, Danish Remoulada Sauce, Spicy Sauce with Sambal, Arabic Sauce, Gyro Sauce, Horseradish Sauce, Garlic Sauce, Barbecue Sauce, American Sauce, Garlic sauce with Italian herbs, Basil sauce, Andalusian sauce, Caesar sauce.

We guarantee full professionalism of cooperation and safety of our products, confirmed by international quality certificates IFS, HACCP and BRC.

The full sauces offer can be found on the website of our official Fanex online store and at distributors and sales representatives.

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