Mustard has been present in every kitchen for years. It can be an ideal base in the preparation of your own sauces or dips. In the Fanex offer, we have several types of mustard – everyone will find something for themselves.

On one hand, we have the most universal mustards with a mild taste, creamy consistency and light color, which add character to cold cuts, meats and salads, and are also great for grilled dishes, especially for those who love more delicate flavors. On the other hand, we also offer mustards with a slightly sweeter or sharper taste. Added to meat or fish, they perfectly highlight the qualities of the dishes and bring out the fullness of their taste.

They are great both in a professional gastronomy kitchen and at home.

The full range of mustards can be found on the website of our official online store Fanex and with distributors and sales representatives.

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