Sweet sauces and Fun&Joy

Fanex has a wide range of sweet dessert sauces, which are a great addition to, among others for ice cream, cocktails, desserts and waffles. The exquisite taste, interesting texture and saturated colors of our sweet sauces make the desserts prepared with them have a remarkable taste and look very appetizing.

Just pour a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream on waffles and we will get an extremely tasty dessert. Dessert sauces can also be used for subtle decoration of dishes.

Due to the increased share of fruit in the composition, the products are now characterized by an even more expressive and natural taste and aroma. The structure of sauces has also changed – now pieces of individual fruits are subtle.

Fan & JOY – jelly beans with a liquid center – were created in response to the needs of the gastronomy market. They are an innovative way to introduce fruit flavors in an extremely interesting form. Created from a combination of juices, other additives and a natural extract of marine algae. The balls, thanks to their unique consistency, explode with taste when consuming them, giving them a unique experience.

Jelly beans with a liquid center, thanks to their flexible coating, are almost unlimited use as a great food supplement – from the popular Bubble Tea, through dairy products, drinks, juices, alcoholic drinks, jellies, all desserts and confectionery, to sophisticated restaurant dishes.

Fan & JOY are available in four flavors: strawberry, lime, blueberry and orange. Depending on the type of application and customer expectations, the balls have a diameter of 9mm, 7mm or 6mm and are available in 1-kg buckets. In addition to their taste, the products also attract attention with their bright and expressive colors, which are why they can be an aesthetic decorative element.

The full range of Fan & Joy sweet sauces and gel balls can be found on our official Fanex online store and at distributors and sales representatives.